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Personal Computer Support

You may have a tablet (Ipad or and Android), a Mac or a PC.  I can get them to talk to each other. 
If you have a computer that is running slowly, it can easily be tested. Maybe it is malware or a hard drive that is failing.   I can securely back up your data externally, remove the old hard drive and install a new one.  It always helps to know where your Operating system disk are, if you cannot locate them, I can tell you where to make them or get replacements.
There are safe methods to remove malware from your Iphone, Android or Ipad.  Usually, these devices are less susceptible to viruses, but when you go to a web page or read your email, you can get a virus.  I can help get them off and protect you from new threats.

Services Include:

  • ​I can diagnose hardware issues; bad or slowing hard disk drives, malfunctioning printers, missing or incorrect drivers, etc. If you have odd activity on your any of your computers.
  • I can examine them to see if you have malware or viruses and take corrective action. When your computers are on their last legs.
  • I will recommend new ones that will make sense for you I can make all of your devices share printers and other resources.

Small Businesss and Home Office Networking Solutions​
P.O.Box 2408 Jenkintown, PA 19046 (215) 416-8996