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Tuesday, November 21 2017

Recently, I had my uncle, the mother of my friend and several others, tell me that they had paid $200.00 to Microsoft to clean a virus.   I asked serveral questions of the people whom fell victim this apparent scam.  Upon looking into the situation further, I determined that they users each suddenly heard a loud voice, telling them that they have a virus and they many not continuse until they call Microsoft.  The sound would not stop until they called they number that was on the screen.  Once they called, they were urged to load a remote control software onto their computer and turn control over to a technician.   The technician, quickly moves through many screens and FIXES the problem.    The person is often charged up to $200.00 for the service.   Often, the customer is worried that the company left software behind that could allow acess to their systems, without their knowledge.  

First, if you get one of these, TURN OFF THE COMPUTER immediately.   Secondly, call a professional like myself or a company that can perform the removal.  This service will generally cost around $125.00.  Afterward, the hard drive is placed back into your computer and tested.   As part of my service, I recommend that you run GOOD anti-virus / anti-malware.   I recommend ESET andcan install it while I am on-site. After this, you shold be good to go.  

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