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Saturday, November 25 2017
Not keeping up with your virus and malware protection - Computer Support Philadelphia

Recently, it was made known that Kasperky Labs allegedly had ties to the Russian government. This left many whom chose that software, be it small business, home or corporate, wondering if their computer held assets were at risk.   Many people have now opted to use other well known brands of anti-virus.   These programs usually come in two varieties, a simple ant-virus software or a suite of programs that would allow more things to be offered/monitored.   Some offer spam filtering, malware control in addtion to Anti-virus.  Some offer inbound and outbound Keeping you safe from hackers.  Protecting you during on-line banking, etc...

Kaspersky, though they deny wrng doing, has breached the public trust by allowing some its program functionalit to put you and your data under a microscope.   What you do with either home use or corporate data, is of the utmost importance to keep away from prying eyes.  

As I often do, I push the brand of anti virus that I have trusted to keep my clients free of problems on their PCs and Macs for seven years running.   Call me and I can get you on track, whether you are a home office or have fourteen PCs. I am here to help

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