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Monday, May 21 2018
Consider the cloud

Consider the Cloud!  If your hardware is old or in need of replacement, consider a Cloud based solution.  

Five years ago, the "cloud" was a nice new wave alternative.   Now, it is a viable, almost preferable replacement for an aging infrastructure within your company.   I can help you get on Amazon, Godaddy, Microsoft or other smaller providers or other well known companies cloud based solution.   There is a bit of work, but, its worth it.   Backup and replication is done by the provider.   Give me a call today and lets discuss what can be done to secure your company's IT future.

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Friday, May 04 2018

For many years, I have earned my living, playing and working with computer networking equipment, PCs and servers.   It has changed drastically, but good advice or a decent conversation about a personal or business computing need is always helpful.  

Servers should be monitored pretty much weekly.   They are so integral to the operation of your business, that if something happens while not being monitored, or even while they are, you may have to scramble to recover.   Monitoring software tells companies such as mine, that a hard drive or network adapter is beginning to fail.   Sometimes, you catch those things prior to failure.   A PCI-E network adapter costs around $200.00 to replace.   If vital communication is lost while waiting to replace it, that leaves employees scrambling to look busy.  On the other hand, if I hard drive goes bad, if it is mirrored, one drive failing may only cost an hour of down time. On the other hand, RAID 5, 6 or 10 drives, help you weather a bad drive.   It two drives fail in that configuration, there may be some down time.  

If you like terrestrial servers, located on-site, you may want to consider a backup server.   If the primary fails, you can operate from the second while repairs are made to the first.   Does this cost more money?   Yes, but with properly co-ordinated operation, this would allow you to be up in half an hour.   There are many things to consider, and moey is one of them.   If your business if your life blood, get what you need and let someone like me help

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