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During the 1980s, I got my start in the computer field as a self-taught computer programmer. I worked at a small company in Huntingdon Valley, PA, called, Applied Computer Products. They were a small upstart company, working out of 2 store fronts in Northeast Philly, before moving to the suburbs. During this time, I knew quite a bit about the peripherals and devices that were used in computers. They gave me a job. I was successful at selling to companies such as EI DuPont, Chase Home Mortgage, Citicorp and others. My true passion during that time, was to learn to program computers really well. As my programming skills grew, I was moved to a PC support role, which at the time, I disliked. I had to visit customers where their printers did not work, their PCs stopped working, etc.

This was the beginning of my interest in the hardware and the software that ran these devices. From that humble beginning, I worked for a large insurance company in Center City Philadelphia as a report programmer. It was boring, but gave me a taste of the corporate culture. From there, I worked for a Savings and loan Bank. I started to get more involved in training executive types how to use their new computers. I wrote software that was used in determining who put what software that was unauthorized and report to management. That was an enjoyable tenure. The next company I was to work for gave more of a support role and some programming. After that position, I worked for 2 years for as a full time programmer from my home. With a wife and baby, it gave me flexibility as my skill as a programming in the C language grew. During that period, I was involved in writing a portion of a program called Petro-Pricer, which allowed the CSX railroad to place a value on any commodity that it shipped to any point in its railroad. With another programmer, ini Baltimore, we used a bulletin board system that I hosted (pre internet) where the owner could pull our code together and give it to the customer. The next two years were my last years as a full time programmer. I was employed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. I was responsible for a multi-user program that allowed people to hand type request for re-investment forms for their bonds. It was a rewarding project with which I worked with some great people.

In 1995, I had taken a job as a programmer, when my boss told me the company was laying off 5 people. I was one of those. From then until now, I provide effective and prompt service and best of all, I DO answer my phone. If a situation arises where I cannot be in two places at once, I have associates that will dispatch someone to your location if necessary or provide remote support via the internet.

I work with Windows XP, 7, 8, Server 2003 (limited), Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2005, 2008, R2 and limited SQL 2102. I work with SharePoint Server for calendar apps and file sharing and distribution.

Small Businesss and Home Office Networking Solutions​
P.O.Box 2408 Jenkintown, PA 19046 (215) 416-8996